Decatur Chiropractic Supports Shoulder Pain

According to research, around 2-5 percent of the population will deal with painful disorders like frozen shoulder syndrome at some point in their lives. That makes shoulder pain a common issue and one that Dr. Harrison sees in our Decatur practice on a regular basis.

Research Supports Chiropractic Therapy Helps With Shoulder Problems

In general, this condition is more common for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, and it tends to affect women more often than men. While ice, heat, and gentle stretches can often times help lessen the pain, so too can chiropractic adjustments.

For example, a study released in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine looked at 50 people with frozen shoulder who got chiropractic therapy. The duration of care ranged from 11 days to 51 days, with 28 days being the average.

The researchers found that practically all of the patients fared extremely well with chiropractic care. The authors found:

8 of the subjects reported 50-75 percent improvement
25 indicated improvement ranging from 75- 90 percent
1 participant had complete resolution of their frozen shoulder pain

Only one patient reported an improvement of 50% or less, so reports like this show just how effective chiropractic care can be when it comes to lessening shoulder pain and improving quality of life.

We Can Help People Find Comfort From Shoulder Pain

Let Dr. Harrison help you relieve your pain by contacting our Decatur office and scheduling your appointment today.


Murphy F et al. (2012, December). Chiropractic management of frozen shoulder syndrome using a novel technique: a retrospective case series of 50 patients. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine;11(4):267-272

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